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The market is open 7 days a week from 9:00- 5:00 pm!

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The market is located on the large paved lot just east of the Boone County Cooperative Extension Service on Burlington Pike (KY 18), between Florence and Burlington. Customers have easy access from KY 18 and Route 237 and there is plenty of parking.


A Little Bit about the Boone County Farmers Market:

The Farmers Market is an educational program at the Boone County Cooperative Extension Service and is operated by the Boone County Farmers Market Association. Currently, it has about 50 member farm families. All of the many fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other items sold at the Market were grown exclusively in Northern Kentucky, though the availability of the produce depends on the weather.


History of the Boone County Farmers Market:

As an educational program at the Boone County Cooperative Extension Service, the history of Boone County Farmers Market is also the history of the Extension Service, which is actually the informational and educational arm of both the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture and Kentucky State University.

In 1862, the Morrill Act was passed, which gave land grants to each state to establish colleges. The colleges were called “People’s Colleges” and were envisioned as a way to offer practical education for the common man, offering instruction related to agriculture and engineering. As agricultural research at these schools showed more and more promise, getting this research to farms became important. So, in 1918, the Smith-Lever Act was passed, which gave funding to programs that increased farm productivity and improved family life by giving people access to this research. So, the Cooperative Extension Service began.

Today, Cooperative Extension is located in each of Kentucky’s 120 counties and offers educational programs and information in Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Community and Economic Development. The Boone County Farmer’s Market is only one example of the Cooperative Extension’s service to its community.




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